Being creative has always been part of me, nestled in my family’s DNA. And it’s hovered with me since my wee years. Recently, I grabbed hold of it like a bright balloon and take it everywhere I go.

I went to summer art camps and took the standard K-12 art classes. I didn’t go art school, but I hesitate to claim I’m “self-taught.” I’m also tempted to go into a lengthy diatribe about the meaning of “self-taught.” Don’t we learn from others every day in every way? Don’t those lessons contribute to everything we do? In art and otherwise? Alas, I’ll stop.

Ever since I grabbed the balloon, I’ve practiced my work [almost] every day. Beyond satisfying my own creative outlet, I’ve found that others seem to appreciate my work, too. I’ve been featured on/in:

@taxcollection on Instagram

Beacon Quarterly magazine, Portland, OR

Splendorporium Art Gallery, Portland, OR

Midland Mercantile and Art Gallery, Wilson, KS

The opportunities have been humbling, gratifying, motivating, and oh-so exciting. However, my little instagram community has been my rock. Friends, family, and used-to-be strangers keep me going everyday.

Thank you.