Sometimes you ask me...

…what supplies I use. Here is a cute little visual aid I drew! But I’ve also included a more practical list below with links!

Ellen's Supplies

I’m a person who needs the tactile experience of trying out my supples before I buy them. So I get all my supplies at Blick. I want to support the local art stores, but they never seem to have what I need :(.

  1. Copic ink refills.

  2. Oil pastels, I’ve only ever used Sennelier and I love them.

  3. Soft (or “chalk”) pastels. I like Sennelier for its softness and Prismacolor for sharper work.

  4. Ink pens, I’ve tried Prismacolor’s, but I prefer Sakura Pigma Microns.

  5. Soft Willow charcoal. I haven’t done much experimenting with charcoal. So far, I’ve just used the #12 Coates version. I think next time, I’ll trying something else.

  6. I use Tombow pencils. I like them. But I also have some randoms in my drawer that I stole from my mom’s house. Those work fine, too. Unless your main media is pencil/graphite, anything will do.

  7. Sometimes I use markers. Either Copic or Bic.

  8. Not pictured: paper. I’ve been trying to find the best paper for ages. I liked Bee’s heavyweight sketch paper because it make the inks bleed well, but I haven’t seen them at Blick. Most recently, I got Fabriano’s white ecological artist paper. Its a sustainably made heavier weight sketch paper that’s 100% recycled and made with hydropower.

That’s it folks! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions (especially about charcoal).